A standard CloudYanme'e soldier.

The CloudYanme'e are a tribe and race on Saurian Ceti IV. A holder of one of the 'Krazoa' Relics used to activate the very dangerous artificial moons above the planet, the CloudYanme'e were the most aware of it's power, while the SharpYar were the least. 


A long time before the battle of Havin IV on the mega-continent Eaynrunner, the CloudYanme'es ancestors fought bravely against the SharpYar's ancestors. Eventually, the SharpYar's aggresive fighting styles won them over the CloudYanme'e, and the SharpYar attempted to make the CloudYanme'e and their neighboring tribe, "the EarthKig", go extinct. A governing highly advanced race called the Foregunners dominated the space around the Saurian Ceti system, and in order to avenge the almost extinct CloudYanme'e, the Foregunners built three artificial moons around the planet. They activated the moons destructive power, and targeted all living individuals on the planet, as well as what was in orbit. The Foregunners repopulated the planet with every race but the SharpYars cousin species, and left.

Nearly a millenniums time later, war breaks out between the EarthKig and CloudYanme'e against the SharpYar. With each faction and tribe holding one of the three Krazoa Relics needed to activate the defenses, and with the SharpYar viciously attempting to join all three in order to activate the moons (they believed that the moons would kill off their enemies), Team Heretic Dinofox rushed to the scene in order to save the world. The Saurian Ceti IV crisis occurred once the Team arrived, and eventually, the relics were saved. The final showdown in the crisis happened in the CloudYanme'e's capital city. While highly urban and underdeveloped, the city managed to hold off from the siege until help arrived. Much of the city was totaled once the Chat arrived in order to steal the relics and use them as WMD's. Both the SharpYar and the Chat with their combined forces couldn't total the city, and were eventually driven back.

The CloudYanme'e were once again almost driven to extinction, but were saved and reinforced with additional help weeks later.

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