The follow are the log entries of Commander Heathcliff.

Log Entry OneEdit

This is Commander Heathcliff's log. Well, things might be going well, I have actually convinced the stupid kid Tyler Ashwind into helping me chase my sister, Sasha. Whether or not he'll try something before I can get to her, is another question entirely. Sinon and I plan and falling for a very poorly made "trap" set up by chat forces on Gaeto where they will block communications when we enter a certain sector of the city, we will likely be wounded, but I know neither of us will be killed.

Log Entry TwoEdit

So. . . things did not go quite as planned. First, Sinon and I were attacked and wounded, as planned. However, what I did not expect was for Tyler Ashwind and Jess Mckathy to be attacked by the admin, Karl. While I do not particularly care for Tyler, I feel I have to claim some responisbility in his parents' deaths. If I had been able to save Sasha, she would have never become Hatsune Miku, but what has happened, has happened. Regardless, I felt a need to try and protect Jess, likely from me not wanting her to die since her family is gone, and she has no one left but that fool Tyler. I cannot protect them both, but I wish for her to not perish. 

It is rather ironic. I feel I must protect her since she lost her family, yet at least she has a sense of finality, for me Sasha is still out there, somewhere. I have to get there without my captive admins' help, unless i really need to beat them. I have never felt it right or necessary to hurt or kill someone who at least had the cahnce to defend themselves, but at times, you must make choices to get the ones you love back. 

Anyway, I right this after having regained conciousness, considering I was shot with a weapon similar to Sinon's, although it was not as proficient at killing. We leave to go to Eafth, to attack the Empire where they would never expect.

Log Entry ThreeEdit

Well, things have turned for the worse it would seem. The attack on Eafth was a complete failure, the admins all have microphones implanted in them. I got a scan of the wavelength they go at and how they are made, it might come in handy some time. Anyways, I had to "Arrest" Tyler for "Treason", which is technically true, since the Hecate is my ship, but still, it is a bit ridiculous, I just cannot lose him at this point, too much value to the resistance.

Also, when choosing to leave to attack Eafth, i also became an enemy of the Resistance, because I refused to hand over Forerunner and Vidmas7er. Oh well I suppose, ironically, I was one of the first members of the resistance, considering my home was attacked BEFORE the Civil war "officialy" started, but regardless.

We must now go back home, The Hecate received a lot of punishment, I will have to tell Andare that the ship needs more shielding. I miss Andare, so so much. I havent seen my daughter in months, I hope she is ok, then again, who would harm her? She is the entirety of the population of Epsilon Indus after all.

Log Entry FourEdit

Well, our home is gone. I had to make an underground-inatmosphere slipspace jump to escape that fox, and i had to destroy the home we have had for fifty years. This is getting just worse and worse. We managed to add more battle plate to The Hecate, and quickly took what was left of the stores and AI's from that long-held base. I hope this will end well, although it is unlikely. I told the admins and Tyler how Andare is our daughter, then he tried to hurt her, more the fool him though. If I had to face my daughter, I am not entirely sure I would win at this point, she has the augmentations I have, and the training Sinon and I have given her. 

I also told them how Epsilon Indus was the first place to be attacked, although Forerunner seemed to not believe me, even though i was one of the soldiers attacking my own home. Tyler had some choice comments to make when I told them how Sinon was kept in Cryo-Storage, but he is just a teenager after all, and not one to be able to see far into ideas, usually taking them for face value. I let Tyler Ashwind go, although i feel he will manage to kill himself anyway, I could no longer bare Jess Mckathy having no one in the world, so I ordered several robots to take him just outside of the blast raidus of the explosion and following implosion that i created. We are headed to Catoonie, where Hatsune Miku and that bastard Knightmare are. I do believe i will die there, although who knows, I may be able to fool them. 

One last thing, I made contact with Karl by reverse engineering the radio Vidmas7er and Forerunner had.

Log entry FiveEdit

Well, things are not going as planned or that could be hoped at all. Andare and Sinon are still alive and safe, although i cannot saythe same for my own self. It would seem Karl allied with that fox to try and find and kill me, although he will have to try harder than that. I went to Catoonie in a drop pod, but so as to not get shot out of the sky, i jumped out, successfully. I landed about two miles away from them, although I decided to take it slow so it took some time to get to the urban area they were at. I had prepared a hardlight hologram to draw attention away, and while it worked, it did not work to my hopes. I managed to use it to take down that fox's ship, and had a long conversation with Karl abotu some things. It was destoryed by Sasha and that bastard Knightmare however, and I was hurt rather badly after revealing myself. I almost had Sasha and Knightmare, but then Knightmare activated a code and had her body killed. It was not her though, she was missing a mark on her neck that cannot be made on her neck. and here I am after the battle and after using my portable slipspace generator to get back. Broken armor, shattered femur, and half of my hand is just gone fro mthe slipspace transistion. I cannot let anyone know of this and we have to get Vidmas7er and Forerunner back to their home. there is no point in killing them, and if I return them, at least Vidmas7er may not be so against helping me in the future. but we need to get them to Eafth first. Damn, we are running out of options

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