Commander Ven is a sangheili merc warlord who rules his own banner and task force he is currently assisting visius and his hierarchy piece together clues to the fallen and the odrade corporation

History Edit

like all sangheili Ven was raised by his uncle and was taught in the ways of the sangheili warrior,growing up Ven had the thought of ruling a banner and becoming a warlord to represnet his family tree line he later went on to do this and is now assisting friendly forces in interplanetary wars

dealing with the fallen Edit

commander Ven was stationed on New Eden as the fallen "house of order" attacked,Ven was one of the first people to respond to the attack by doing this he armed himself with anti aircraft weaponry and started to open fire on the fallen ship unfortunately after firing 12 rounds of a fuel rod cannon launcher a fallen flak cannon from the ship was fired in his direction hitting the building he was positoned on,this caused the building to collapse bringing him with it. After the fallen ketch was brought down Ven's unconscious body was found in the debris and immediately Ven was taken to a hospital where his wounds were treated,unfortunately for Ven he couldn't return to his mercenary duties until his wounds were fully healed,bored Ven checked all his emails and contracts until he saw a recent one that caught his eye a turian hierarchy interrogation assistance request about the attack on new Eden,Realising the pay was high Ven jumped to the opportunity of doing it,days later after his wounds were healed Ven spoke to the turian contractor and then was escorted to the primarch's ship which was belonging to "visius" the primarch,after the escort Ven was brought to a room on the ship where they interrogated a high ranking fallen captian called "kolisk" who was the kell's son,Ven asked complicated questions to the fallen captian which caused him to succefully crack out information about the fallen which would aid them to understand the fallen,unfortunately after the interrogation the ship came under siege from fallen pirates tasked to retrieve kolisk,realising the danger visius tasked Ven and some other turians to hide safeguard kolisk and prevent him getting into enemy hands by doing this Ven took kolisk to the storage room until it was safe to let him out,after the fallen threat was eliminated thanks to visius and artus Ven took kolisk to the control room where they comprehended what happened to the ship,to ease Vens mind visius decided to refuel the ship to take everyone's mind off of what just happened.

Personality Edit

Ven'vakmi is well known for his sheer co-operation and politeness with other species he mainly shows this trait towards kig yar and other outsider merc corperations in the galaxy,Ven likes to let everyone know how he's feeling on a mission and worries a lot especially in critical situation,he is sometimes arrogant in some situations but it's usually in a high pressured situations.

Equipment Edit

Vens equipment is mostly depended on the mission mostly Ven uses the covenant carbine and the plasma repeater he always carries energy wrist blades in his armour and is never seen removing them.

trivia Edit

  • commander Ven also holds several ranks and titles including shipmaster,commander and clan warlord the name 'commander' in his rank this is referring to all these titles because they all have commanding roles.
  • Ven's real name is Ven'vakmi

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