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Attack on Dark Oculus Battle of Turesta
Chat Empire attack on the planet of Beta Maximus 35b, lead by Haloprov forced the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution to assault the planet. With assistance from The ResistanceCivilian MilitiaTeam Heretic Dinofox, the New Galactic Republic, and even a few Delta SEALS, a massive strike force was assembled to deal with the Chat presence on and around the planet.

Resistance forces moving in on a Chat position.

Preview Edit

Fleet beta

Part of the fleet heading towards Beta Maximus 35b.

Most of the team was still grieving over the loss of Edward during the Attack on Dark Oculus when a message was received from Beta Maximus 35b calling for assistance. Karl, along with Blue and Megan decided to stay behind and secure the planet of Dark Oculus while most of the others left with the fleet to Beta Maximus 35b. Much was still unknown about the attack its self, as all the information Unnamed Field Marshall could give to the soldiers assisting him was that the Chat Empire had launched a full scale invasion of the planet. However, he also told them that the Administrator known as Haloprov was leading the attacking, and taking him down would certainly hurt the Empire's war effort. Two teams were created, Division One made up of Tyler AlshwindTalotLord of the STARS, and Trol' Lolam was to assault a major city and drive the Chat out. Division Two, lead by Jess McKathy with assistance from Renée and Aylin Bray would go after Halo once he appeared. There was hostility between some of the commandos, as Talot got into a fight with Trol' and a few of his soldiers over keeping secrets from the rest of the group. Talot would be set to the medbay but would be patched up quick enough to still help with the assault. Once the teams were all set, the fleet departed Dark Oculus and made its way to Beta Maximus.

Tyler and Jess

Tyler and Jess saying their goodbyes.

Battle BeginsEdit

As soon as the fleet appeared over the planet, they were met with resistance from what was left of the Chat invasion fleet. The shuttles left the ships as the space battle around them raged on. The ground battle was just as brutal as the battle going on in space, with forces apposing the Chat holding on to their last lines of defense. However, with liberation forces consisting of Republic Guard soldiers, Sangheili, and Kig-Yar pushing their way through the Chat armies. This, combined with Militia forces using their dug in positions to keep the Chat off balanced, enabled the Scout Fleet to establish a base of operations. Their first goal was to liberate the planet's capital, which was being besieged by an all out Chat attack.

Battle for the Capital Edit

Division One landed on the outskirts of the city, but even there, they faced heavy resistance from Chat forces who where suddenly fighting on two fronts. The strike team moved swiftly and used speed to their advantage, easily cutting down the Chat forces who were in a stagnate defensive position as they were still trying to take the city. The skies above them were on fire as fighters fought one another for air dominance and for the chance to strafe ground forces who had left themselves exposed. After about twenty minutes, Division One had secured the Southern ridges surrounded the capital and were now gearing up to assault the Chat forces still in the city.

New seals


The troops moved in as the fighting became a brutal urban combat zone, with soldiers being forced to clean out each building one by one. Tyler, during a sweep, was able to make contact with two SEALS, who had been stationed on Beta Maximus before the Chat had launched their attack on Kastafar. They were not the only pick up, as Talot was able to run into an old buddy of his known as Visius. Stars decided to deploy his soldiers in mass, resulting in high casualties but ensuring they were able to secure the a portion of the city. With Chat forces pulling back, it was decided that the assaulting forces would be temporarily redeployed as Division Two began the long process of finding out where Haloprov was located. The two SEALS, along with Stars, Uvok, and Visius would stay to help clean up the city, while the rest would be on stand by to help bring down Halo.

The Hunt BeginsEdit

Division Two was still sitting above the planet as they had yet to pick up any information on Haloprov's location, and this was annoying to some of the people, namely Talot. He kept demanding from Jess that he be allowed to help in the assault, insisting that he needed to inexact revenge on Halo for his crimes against the Galaxy, to which Jess told him that unless he was more specific, she would not allow him to charge into battle with his emotions clouding his judgement. Talot would not budge on it however, saying it was for personal reasons that he wanted to kill Halo, to which Jess reminded him that the mission was to kill or capture, and that if Talot killed him in cold blood, the operation would be considered a failure. That would not have to wait much longer, as during their talk, Haloprov finally showed up in a heavily forested area about one hundred kilometers south of the capital. Division Two, along with Division One and any available soldiers, were immediately deployed to the area. 

Dead chat trooper

Chat soldiers fought for their lives.

As the dropships and gunships, with fighter support, descended onto the area, the sky began to fill up with anti-air batteries as vehicles were blown out of the sky. Division Two was able to deploy with armor and air support as they cut like a wedge towards Haloprov's position. Worse for the Chat forces, calvary units deployed by Stars along with more armor support from the capital pushed the Chat forces back, forcing them to deal with threats in front of, behind, and above them. The Chat soldiers, fighting valiantly, were cut down by the sudden speed and force the commandos moved with, easily cutting through them and letting rear forces deal with them as Divisions One and Two meet up and started entering the forest, which was engulfed in flames and kicking up smoke, reducing visibility.

Confronting HaloprovEdit

Halo stare

Haloprov staring down his attackers.

As the teams moved in, the smoke only got worse, requiring the teams to use callsigns to prevent friendly fire, though with the arrival of bodyguards and elite soldiers, they knew they were on the right track. With most of the team dealing with the soldiers, it came down to Talot, with assistance from Uvok and Visius, to fight Haloprov. With Halo's combat suit and raw skill, he was able to hold his own, but Talot was fighting for something more, and it seemed to help him. While Halo and Talot were staring each other down, Talot kept asking Halo if he remembered him, to which Halo would answer with a no. That is when Talot finally revealed why he wanted his revenge; Halo had been the one who had slaughtered his friends when they had attacked his cargo and had failed to escape. 

The two continued to trade blows, but has Halo ran out of gadgets, it became apparent that him being outnumbered, as long as lacking the drive to kill as Talot, was costing him. With his soldiers dying all around him as the rest of the team was able to defeat them, though it was not with out its struggles. Halo decided to use the environment to his advantage, repealing into trees as he hoped to sneak up on Talot, not wanting to run away like T3CHNOCIDE. This would be ill fated, as his attack missed and Talot proceeded to knock him out, thus allowing him to be captured rather then killed. He still needed to be interrogated however, and while Talot was looking forward to it, there was already disagreement over how the interrogation would be handled.

Haloprov a prisonerEdit

Interrogation room

Halo's interrogation room.

Haloprov was brought back to the fleet to be interrogated before he was to be moved a maximum security prison on Gaeto. Jess did not want Halo to be tortured during the process, citing that he was a person and that morally it would put them in the same sphere as the Chat Empire. Talot, and most of the other disagreed, stating it would be the only way in which he would break and give them the intelligence they required. Jess, for her part, could not get Halo to talk, and Talot's desire to hurt Haloprov only made her job harding. When Jess's strategy did not work, Talot and Tyler entered, with Tyler holding Jess back as Talot began to cut off Halo's skin, demanding he answer their questions.

This made Jess furious, as she could not stand to see this done to Halo, and it showed that the team still had a long way to go to become fully unified. On the other side, this was a joy for Haloprov, as he saw just how fractured the Chat's enemies were. Everyone except Jess left, and she called a medic in to keep Halo from passing out. Once he was patched up, she started up again, but to no avail. That is when Trol' entered, and he had his own plan in mind; using captured Chat bombers to bomb Chat cities, thus making it look like the Chat had bombed civilian populations. While it did not move Halo, it had an effect on Jess, who was made unaware that Trol's was bluffing, since he had not made his plan known to the others. The situation only got worse when Jess stepped in and accidentally set off toxic gas that was meant solely for Haloprov.

Jess and Haloprov were both reliving their nightmares, with Jess seeing her family and soldiers die, along with reliving Hado Shinjitsu raping her, and Halo seeing his mother die over and over. Haloprov was unaffected, just sitting in the gas, while Jess collapsed as the gas had a severe affect on her. Tyler escorted her out, while Trol' and him had an exchange of words, you Tyler saying he needed to trust them, while Trol' saying they were not equipped to handle these types of situation. As the group arrived over Gaeto, the distrust of the team began to show as the new and old members continued to work out their differences. 

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