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Out of the darkness, these blades will light our way.

The Spec-Ops forces of the Covenant originated factions (Remnant Legion and the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution) are some of the most deadly warriors in the galaxy. They use brilliant tactics, and always manage to bring the enemy to its knees, no matter the cost. The Spec-Ops allied with Team Heretic Dinofox and The Resistance are commanded by Xytan 'Montrumai.

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Sangheili Spec-Ops

History Edit

Spec-Ops teams were used for many operations during the Human-Covenant War. They participated in most major ground battles. Wherever an army fails, the Spec-Ops goes in. After the Slipspace Rift Incident that brought the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution, the Fleet joined the fight against the Chat Empire. The most famous Spec-Ops team is the Tacit Ronin, lead by Unnamed Field Marshall and his Zealots. Other notable teams include Cloaked Missionary.

All covert-ops carried out by the Resistance are overlooked by Xytan 'Montrumai, and as such he often leads Spec-Ops teams. The Unggoy Ultra Major Yozoz is responsible for all Spec-Ops Unggoy.

Description Edit

Soldiers Edit

Spec-Ops soldiers are very well trained. Only the best of the best can become a Spec-Ops Soldier. The only Species observed to be part of the Covenant Spec-Ops are Sangheili and Unggoy.

Weapons and Armor Edit

Spec-Ops generally wield plasma based weapons. Sangheili have high-powered energy shield to protect them from enemy fire. Unggoy lack energy shielding, but they have the toughest armor available. Both the Sangheili and the Unggoy have Active Camoflauge. Xytan and Spec Ops Zealots wear Trollvenant Zealot Harness/Stealth Variant armor. Higher ranking Elites wield Type-1337 Energy Weapon/Swords.

Ranking Edit

Spec-Ops ranks generally favor Sangheili over Unggoy, meaning a Sangheili Spec-Ops Minor would outrank an Unggoy Ultra Major.

From lowest to highest, the ranks are as follows:

-Unggoy Spec-Ops Minor.

-Unggoy Spec-Ops Specialist/Heavy/Gunner.

-Unggoy Spec-Ops Major.

-Unggoy Spec-Ops Ultra.

-Unggoy Spec-Ops Ultra Major.

-Sangheili Spec-Ops Minor.

-Sangheili Spec-Ops Officer.

-Sangheili Spec-Ops Ultra.

-Sangheii Spec-Ops Commander.

-Sangheili Spec-Ops Zealot.

-Sangheili Spec-Ops Commander of the Covenant.

Notable Members Edit

-Xytan 'Montrumai- Leader of the Spec-Ops

-Qir Zaratov- Sangheili Spec-Ops Officer

-Yozoz- An Unggoy Ultra Major

-Yabab- A Veteran Unggoy In Yozoz's lance, and Yozoz's childhood friend. (WIA)

-Zuzu- A cowardly and emotionally weak Unggoy, but great soldier in high morale. He was killed during an assasination attempt on Charmer. (KIA)

-Glofnog- An Unggoy Heavy who loved "Big Booms." One of Yozoz's best friends, he was killed when his ship crashed onto an unknown planet after being sabotaged. (KIA)

-Huglot- An Unggoy Heavy who replaced Glofnog after his death

-Jutnip- Recently promoted Major who serves under Yozoz

-Dornog- Spec-Ops Unggoy who deserted after the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, and tried to desert to Gaeto on the cruise ship SS Arno, but was boarded and slain by Xenomorphs before arriving. (KIA)

Trivia Edit

Trol' Lolam Was a Sangheili Spec Ops Officer before becoming a Heretic.

Xytan 'Montrumai is the leader of all the Spec-Ops, making him unofficially the Spec-Ops Commander of the Covenant in The Galaxy.

Yozoz is the leader of all Spec-Ops Unggoy, and the de facto leader of all the Unggoy in the Scouting Feet of Generous Distribution.

Gallery Edit

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