The Cryo-Blade is the Ptranosaurian counter opposite to the sword of flame. It uses cryo-technology 50000 years ahead of anything that is known today in the overworld galaxy. Its appearance is as a broadsword but with a cross guard that has a layer at the bottom designed to keep a user from accidently freezing their hand. The above layer of the cross guard however is uncovered by this layer. Their is a energy gemstone decoratively placed in the hilt as part of the 8 section battery. The blade and top section of the cross guard are made of a metal that can handle -80000* without the cold causing the metal to crumble or shatter. The function of the sword in battle is to resist the high temperatures of an energy sword. The metal is amazingly sharp and any water vapor that touches it will freeze into a layer that adds to its lethal cutting ability. A enemy who receives a thrust from this weapon will freeze solid from the inside out. A enemy cut with this will have their flesh freeze a inch and a half slower then the blade penetrates their body. This weapon has a problem with getting stuck in an enemy as their body freezes around the blade but their are methods of getting it loose in time to intercept a second enemy who will take this as a advantage when you stick into the first enemy. They are useless in the rain or in water combat.

History: Although this sword is quite rare their are ways of attaining it with the help of ptranosaurians present in the overworld galaxy. Few people have one but their more often used as a decoration rather then a weapon. Some people have obtained them after all conflict was solved with the colony on Gracie.

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