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"Not krypton, Crypto, as in hidden." 

Vital statistics
Type Frontier World
Level Echelon 6
Location Quaff Oran Sector
Inhabitants Siren


This planet was in the area of a 843 year old star-traffic zone was one of the busiest and most explored places in space. How ever for 843 years the planet has not been found in a star system that has been discovered 420 years ago. 3 days ago (at the time of this article) the minds of a group of space travelers had been blown at what was under their noise all this time. The discovery was told only to those who are not chat. It is hoped the chat never find out.

Planet Crypto is full of life, has 20 sub continents, near earth like gravity, 40 seas, 34582 islands, 52 seas, 40 grass lands, 70 forest lands, 120 Marshlands, 7 deserts, and is currently experiencing a ice age.

Colonization Edit

People of every shape size and race are racing to colonize planet Crypto now, but planet Crypto is currently experiencing an ice age. Because of the ice age most settlers are building their homes in the tropics except they who don't mind the cold. The Sirens to are colonizing the planet both in fresh and salt water environments.

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