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Commodore Crystal

Crystal (Birth name: Sal'hia) is a Royal Commodore of the Guardians of Eden. She was the leader of Madam Celestial Saber's Royal Commando Company and all Palace Guards.

History Edit

Crystal was born to a family line of soldiers for the Kig-Yar Empire. Crystal was originally a Conquistador that found many riches for the Empire. She rose to favor with the queen, Saber's mother, and was eventually made a Royal Commodore. There can only be two Royal Commodores at a time, one for the King's Royal Army, the other for the Queen's. She was also put in charge of the Palace Guards that protect the monarchs.

After a long time out of the action at the palace on New Eden, she was wounded when Black Fang Mercenaries chased Charmer and Yozoz into the palace during the New Eden Crises. The wound was minor, and she quickly recovered. Crystal accompanied Lord of the Stars, Madam Celestial Saber, and Yozoz to Yoth.

However, upon arrival at the Yoth Fort, she ran into conflict with the local fort Commodore, Smite. Both felt they should be in command of the fort, albiet under their Monarchs. Smite wanted to make weak areas stronger, and Crystal wanted to make the more important areas stronger, while leaving the less important ones with less defenses. Against Smite's will, she got her way in the end.

When the Yoth Fort was attacked by pirates outnumbering them 8,000 to 212, she thought everyone inside would die, but she stayed and fought anyway. She was rescued along with 12 other survivors by Siren Warriors via dropships. The ships were shot down, but Crystal survived and eventually returned to New Eden.

Crystal returned to her duties as leader of the Royal Commandos and Royal Guard.

Later, when Lord of the Stars and Madam Celestial Saber went missing, she made a  very brief appearance to Team Heretic Dinofox as a hologram during their status update briefing, pleading that they organize a team to find them.

Personality Edit

Crystal was a tough Pirate and extremely loyal. She intimidated her enemies by adding fake sharp quills to her head.

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