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Similar to the crystal cutlasses Kig-yar pirates originally used, the Kig-yar in Lord of the STARS and Madam Celestial Saber's clan have made many blades that do a similar job.

Many many blades

A example of the blades.

New veryant blamite cutlasss

Most updated blamite melee weapon yet.

After being inspired by the original crystal cutlass, (Also known as the energy cutlass) the Kig-yar decided to get creative, and made many types of blammite weaponry. Covenant Forces also use these weapons, especially the Needler and Needle Rifle.


The original crystal cutlass has been replaced by a newer Crystal Cutlass that also has plasma blade coated over it to make it extra lethal. A similar thing is done to the crystal saber. Their is also a blade called the Royal Razor that are used by queens as a symbol of power. There is also the replacement to the original crystal cutlass; the Crystal Dagger. Then finally there is the Crystal Rapier; these blades are made from the same crystals found in the Needler and Needle Rifle, also known as Blamite. They are harder then diamonds, sharper then flint, and are able to be set to self destruct. Rather than only one, use some of these blades can be used many times with out exploding so long as they are repaired after taking damage after each battle.


  • Versatile
  • Many different effects
  • Compatible with attachments
  • Crystal Rapier is explosive
  • Crystal Dagger may be thrown
  • Diamond blades can slice through armor
  • Crystal Rapier, when detonated, is a much cheaper alternative to explosive ordnance


  • Low Durability
  • Utilized as symbols rather than actual front line weapons
  • Easily destroyed by Energy Swords
  • Expensive when compared to standard ammunition 
  • Has issues with energy shielding and fast moving targets
  • Not ideal for stealth due to emminating light

Blamite rifle

The stronger son of the Type-31 needle Rifle the Type-32 needle Rifle is longer, has a 5 zoom scope, the scope comes with promethean vision if necessary, this rifle fires a 3 times larger Blamite crystal then its Type-31 counterpart. The crystal when it hits the enemy will explode after 4 seconds of hitting the flesh of a target, how ever a second crystal will cause it to not explode. How ever a 3rd crystal will cause the target to explode in 0.7seconds and the explosion is more powerful then a plasma grenade when it directly sticks. Just like its father the 31 the 32 has a Magazine Size of 21 Rounds. This gun also some times fires green crystals rather then pink.

Better upgreaded superior brand blamite-Crystal spear

The Kig-yar energy crystal spear is a weapon of little use and popularity due to the fact that being long makes it hard to carry and if carried by hand means you don't have your hands free, in tight spaces like onboard ship combat it is hard to use effectively, guns have the more range, sheathed or energy swords are easier to carry, but still, this weapon has been in the arsenal options of Lord of the Stars and his pirates since before the slip space incident. This spear dose have its uses though, up close it can be continually used as a melee weapon for a advantage in short ranged combat, it can be thrown at a great distance and impale a target then explode 1/5th the exploding power of a modern anti tank grenade. Can be a great tool for fortifying a position by using them to make a barrier, which is their best use, or other impalement traps.

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