DKI-L 1-1377F1R3 is a starship laser turret informally known as the "Hull-Melting Laser", manufactured and used by Drullkus Industries.


It uses a series of Lumium Tricarbonite Diodes with a glaser used as a focus to concentrate all of the laser beams into one condense searing laser. It is backed up by another glaser to create gravity at the impact zone to prevent flying debris. It can shoot through most types of shields, except for Pseudo-Negatively charged shields and shields powered by an Aetherfield Generator. Just don't aim it at the black holes.


  • Continuous beam of Laser
  • Melts most hull materials
  • Bypasses most shield types
  • Glaser add-on will make the target implode and contain explosions


  • Pseudo-Negatively charged shields and Aetherfield-powered shields can last a long time vs the Hull-Melter.
  • It requires a lot of power.
  • "You're not going to aim it at the black hole, right?"

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