DKI Stargate
DKI Stationary 5TARGAT3 is a stargate, created by Drullkus Industries.


A Stargate is a station that houses artificially-created wormholes. There are three types: The Sender (generates the wormhole at itself and at the Receiving end), The Receiver (flags a location that a wormhole can be created at this location), and The I/O Communicator (can send communication signals through both points).

Their wormholes are unpassable by the majority of starships because of the small size of the wormhole, restricted by the frame size. The wormholes generated are deemed unstable and require proprietary DKI Technologies to pass.

They can be further outfitted with weapons if a need of a rudimentary defense arises.


  • Interuniversal Travel


  • Requires a Receiver for the Sender to recognize the destination.
  • Wormholes' sizes are limited by Stargate size.
    • Maximum size allows medium starships to pass.
  • Wormholes created are unstable and can crush starships unless correctly prepared.

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