Xionic Madness


Used by DMR, the Devil Long Gun Model 911 is his last line of defense.

Characteristics and HistoryEdit

Holding specially modified eight 12.7x23mm Hollow Humor Armor Piercing Rounds, this pistol punches holes through body armor and rips through flesh and bone. Banned by the galactic community as an "inhumane weapon" this gun is all but impossible to find. Jango Al Ghul gave DMR one when he was fourteen and he has kept it by his side since that day. Also able to host a silencer and laser pointer, this single action semi-automatic pistol requires years of training to master.


  • High damage
  • Moderate recoil
  • Quick reloading mechanism
  • Compatible with attachments


  • Low accuracy
  • Requires advanced training
  • Ammunition is rare
  • Heavy


  • Though the gun has been banned by the Galactic Republic throughout the galaxy, people can still find them on the black market, albeit for a hefty price. 

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