Battle droid

A DX droid.

The DX droid is an elite yet feasible droid manufactured exclusively on New Port Cache. It is commonly known as being a security droid for capital ships lacking a crew.


Deadly, accurate and expensive, fireteams of these droids are used rather then armies of them. The droid tends to make accidents without the help of a droid control center, such as forgetting enemies that have left its sight. A counter to this is the XD droid, which can give its own orders without a control center. The DX droids are not as effective as the XD droids; but since XD droids are much more expensive then DX droids, this makes them a very effective substitute.


  • A squad of these droids called Zulu Squad operates as part of Team Heretic Dinofox.
  • Many of these droids were used as security on the SS Arno, but they were almost all destroyed when the ship was boarded by Xenomorphs.


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