Dark Elite
Vital statistics
Position Elite
Age 100
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 7'6
Weight 200 Kg

Dark is a Yautja (aka "Predator") Elite, and one of the most successful hunters of his species, killing over 100 Xenomorphs.

History Edit

He was transported into this universe via a failed Warp jump, crash landing on Epsilon Pinophytus, where a Xenomorph outbreak had occurred. He immediately began hunting anything he considered a worthy opponent, including Xenomorphs and soldiers.

Gear Edit

He wields many weapons and abilities, including:

  • Dual Wrist Blades
  • A Plasma Caster
  • Mines
  • Cloaking
  • A Bio-Mask
  • A remote-controlled Smart Disk
  • A extendable spear know as a Combi-Stick

Gallery Edit

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