Dark Novatroopers are a special class of darktrooper phase II's used by the Chat Empire.


A Dark Nova trooper boarding a resistance ship.


These dark troopers specialize in boarding vehicles. Dark Novatroopers are droids rather then cyborgs like the dark trooper phase 0s are. Because of this these droids are programmed to be highly accurate and never miss unless malfunctioning. They often lead chat troopers when breaching boarding parties or chat nova troopers. These dark troopers can take up to 20 blaster or plasma shots before being gunned down. The average Dark Novatrooper is on par with an elite major in combat.


Dark Novatroopers are armed with heavy T-21 light repeating blasters and HR-15As that fire blue blaster shots. These heavy blaster rifles have the firepower of the average two blaster shots combined in one. Dark Novatroopers also have thermal detonators. These droids will use cover whenever its around and when its not they will simply fire at there enemy and advance slowly until they overwhelm their foes. Novatroopers normally travel in pairs of two.

Combat RecordEdit

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