Dark Oculus is a barren planet almost devoid of any life, only the toughest people, animals, and plants can survive here.


With an average temperature of -5 degrees Celsius, the Dark Oculus is almost always cold. Consistent with its name, the Dark Oculus receives only five hours of sunlight per day. As far as population, about one million people live on this planet that is home to only two major ports. However, this planet is known for its rich mineral deposits and a lot of corporations mine them here. Besides the mines, the planet has nothing else to really offer. The people here keep to themselves and hate when outsiders try to change their ways of life. Most people here live off the land, hunting and growing their own foods for survival.

The AdminBravadostock was born here. A major battle would also take place on this planet, one which would witness the deaths of Bravado, Spartan A-118, and Edward. The planet, with the help of militia forces, would fall under the control of New Galactic Republic forces.

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