UF Elucidator and Dark Repulser

Ultra Force using the Dark Repulser in the first and only confirmed incident.

The Dark Repulser is the secondary sword wielded by Ultra Force, used in addition to his Elucidator. It is a high-grade, one-handed longsword that has great durability and swiftness. The sword also contain various unique, magical powers.


The blade of the weapon is made out of a rare alien material called crystallite, and is currently the only known object containing properties of the material.

Not much is currently known about the Dark Repulser or its unique properties due to how rarely Ultra is seen using the sword. However Ultra was reported to have used the weapon along with his Elucidator before, during battle with a monster rumored to be very large and powerful. After Ultra Force managed to defeat the enormous creature, he collapsed and appeared to be quite exhausted. 


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