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Ever since the beginning of the Galactic Civil War Knightmare was secretly working on a program that bridged the gap between men and machine in combat. 

Gungan UprisingEdit

Now Knightmare has decided the ideal time to test this new program will be during the gungan rebellion on New Naboo. This would be the first time the dark troopers would be used in a major battle that the public would know about. Before these droids were always used in covert small scale missions and no one lived to report their existence. He plans on using them when the time is right and they are almost ready to be tested in battle.

Primary VariantsEdit

Knightmare has worked on a number of different phases for these deadly troopers:

Dark trooper phase 0
  • Dark Troopers Phase 1: These dark troopers were cyborgs half man half machine. Enlisted chat veterans used to be given sensors connected to their brains to allow them to detect enemies faster then any normal human and to detect shots as soon as they are fired. These dark troopers were also modified to be immune to pain and they have jumppacks (jetpacks that can only jump in the air for a quick moment) that are capable of going up to 20 feet in the air at a time. The average dark trooper phase 1 is equal to a elite minor in battle. These dark troopers will use arc casters, shot guns, and blaster rifles during combat along with thermal detinators.
  • Dark Troopers Phase 2: These dark troopers are armed with heavy repeaters and jetpacks. They can fly around 15 miles an hour (are 5 miles an hour slower then normal due to their weight) and they can take up to 5 blaster or plasma shots before going down. These dark troopers are one of Knightmare's favorite classes. That have already been secretly deployed and were highly effective in all of their minor missions. The average dark trooper phase II is equal to a ultra elite in battle.
Dark trooper phase 3
  • Dark Trooper Phase 3: This phase is still in developement ,but these dark troopers are meant to be heavy dark trooper vanguards. They have not yet been used in combat ,but their armor can take up to 10 blaster or plasma shots. They have jetpacks, a blast cannon, a wrist blaster (on the left hand), and mounted rockets on their backs. Their blast cannon can fire five white blaster shots at once and can fire up to 8 times before needing to be reloaded. A full blast cannon shot is so powerful that it can kill any trooper without shields in 1 shot and can take out an elite minor's shields in 1 shot. The average dark trooper phase III is equal to a fleet admiral in combat.

Special ModelsEdit

There are also a few other variants that are a part of the other 3 primary classes such as:

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