Denal Wedge was a Chat Trooper Corporal in the Chat Empire.

History Edit

Denal Wedge was born on New Naboo and raised on Gaeto. He was part of an upper-middle class family, and had everything he really ever needed. He joined the Chat Army at the age of 19. He has fought in nearly every major battle of the Galactic Chat War, including the Fall of Yoth. He was a tough veteran. After the victory on Yoth, he was finally let off on break.

He was flying home to Gaeto to see his wife and two kids when the transport ship, called the Arno, was boarded by Xenomorphs. He was intent on getting everyone out safely, so he made his way to the bridge. When he got there, the pilots were dead. He sent a message to Admiral Cambridge of the Chat Fleet, and she arrived 24 hours later to help with the evacuation in the Ban-Hammer class Star Destroyer Ravager.

The Arno had drifted to Yoth, which was the site of a battle between Kig-Yar pirates led by Lord of the STARS, and Raptor Pirates led by Captain Cornelius. Both Pirate factions boarded the ships as the Chat were attempting to evacuate civilians. Wedge finally got several civilians to the hangar, but he was attacked by the Guardians of Eden, Trol' Lolam, Yabab, and a Xenomorph. He was saved by the timely arrival of a Chat Shuttle, which deployed reinforcements.

He took a Chat Shuttle and two Chat Troopers into Lord of the Stars' Flagship, and managed to capture him alive with no casualties. He locked Stars in the brig of the Ravager. However, when a Chat Trooper was tricked into opening the door to Prisoner 0013 's cell, he, along with all the other Chat Troopers in the brig, were killed by the Prisoner.

Personality Edit

Wedge was a calm-minded man, and was very patriotic toward the Chat Empire. He wanted to make sure as many citizens as possible were kept safe from Team Heretic Dinofox. He did everything for what he deemed to be the greater good, and would anything for the greater good. When Prisoner 0013 claimed that all military personnel aboard the Ravager were "diseased" by war and needed to be killed to stop the "disease" from spreading, Wedge submitted and allowed himself to die for the greater good.

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