Verlaine Isolation

Commander Diane Verlaine, seen on Space Base #0014.

Diane Verlaine of the Resistance was a naval officer, and a station commander for Space Base 0014, widely known for her heroic defense of the station.


Verlaine enlisted in the Resistance, and became a great asset to her fleet during the Dark Years, in between the crushing of the United Opedia on Yavin V, and the destruction of Lawlderan.   Eventually, she became the Commander of the abandoned bandit outpost, soon renamed to Resistance Space Base No. 14. Verlaine was able to repel boarders from the station, and in one case, was able to prevent boarders from detonating the fusion reactor onboard.

The Heist of Unicorn Hydra VII

Given its relative proximity to the hidden Chat mega-base Unicorn Hydra VII, Space Base No. 14 was chosen for a preparation site, and Verlaine was briefed on most of the situation at hand. Following the operation, Captain Waits, Fox and the NR Goldeneye returned to the base, before leaving once again 3 days later.

Lackey for the Team

Eventually, Verlaine was personally requested by Fox as a Bridge Officer for the Great Fox III, and by the time of the Chat surrender, left the station to join THDF.

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