The Discord Empire is a nation with some connections to the Chat that is recently discovered from another Galaxy, which is located near the Galaxy. There appears to be some ranks similar to the Chat's but rather different, with the Owner being those of high position.

List of Ranks Edit

  • Owner (Highest Rank, Leader of the Discordians)
  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • Bots

Life inside the Discord Edit

Life inside Discord appears to be Orwellian compared to the chat, with people being manipulated daily with dissenters being executed and even erased from public records. Their private life is filled with constant surveliance with the language being modified to restrict the grammar and to limit vocabulary.

The Discordian Government rather goes around and try to limit Freedom of Thought which threatens their government's occupation. The Discordians, unlike the Chat are constantly beating the rebels with the strategies they came up and often contained a competent military.

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