Drevaho is a desolate, desert world naturally void of any life. It is located in the Episces-1 System.



Drevaho was discovered two months after the 97th elections of the Chat Nation by astronomer Elos Tila. Tila reported his discovery to his local moderator, who then had the data analyzed by Chat scientists. After the confirmation of Tila's discovery, the moderator hired a research team to head to Drevaho and evaluate its mining value.

The research team arrived at Drevaho at the time of the 98th elections. They explored the planet with the bulk quantity of supplies they were given and entered the caverns of the planet. They were in awe of the massive spires of light purple crystals that they found in the cave. More and more caverns were investigated, which proved the existence of an abundant supply of these crystals that could be sold for billions of credits.

Colonial EndeavorsEdit

First EndeavorEdit

After becoming informed of the abundance of the illusive crystals native to the planet, the Chat Nation hired a private mining company to establish a mine and effectively colonize Drevaho. While the company was able to complete the first task, it was incapable of colonsation. A massive sandstorm engulfed the mining facility and trapped hundreds of miners inside the established mine. They were cut off from the Chat Nation, so they were unable to call for help.

The Chat military was sent to Drevaho in order to re-establish communications with the mine. Ultimately, the military discovered a mound of sand in place of the mine. After digging it out, they found the corpses of hundreds of individuals. The military made the rough conclusion that a sandstorm was responsible for the deaths of the miners. Climatologists were sent to study the climate of Drevaho for 10 years before another colonization attempt took place. They discovered that every few months a planet-wide "dust bowl" would consume everything on the planet. Although the seven Chat Admins did not want to send another company there due to the lack of safety, their opinions changed after climatologists discovered a constant pattern of "weak spots". Miners could be sent to the weak spots where there were crystal caverns.

Second EndeavorEdit

After another 10 years of preparation, the Chat sent a colonial company and a mining company to a large weak spot on Drevaho. While the crystals were not as abundant in this region of the planet, the colony of New Paramour was successfully established on the planet's surface. Not only that, but the New Paramouran people were rarely affected by planetary dust bowls.


Drevaho Liberation FrontEdit

After the 118th elections were finalized, many New Paramourans took part of a revolt that severed the Chat's control over the colony. These rebels made reforms to the legislation of New Paramour, and transformed the colonial government into a far-left regime. New Paramour became the People's Republic of Drevaho.

Return to Chat PowerEdit

The Chat did not want to lose Drevaho because of the slipspace crystals that were mined on the planet. They came in contact with Sangheili colonists on New Paramour and mentioned to them that there were only human politicians in charge of the local government. The Chat promised to the Sangheili that if they restored power to the Chat government that all species of the colony would have up to two representatives in order to prevent racial extremists from taking control. Many Sangheili were swayed by the Chat spies and took it to themselves to overthrow the DLF from power. After days of preparation, illegally armed Sangheili stormed the capital building and assassinated the communist leaders. Ato'Lai Sanuga, leader of the rebellion, declared the Chat's superiority over the colony and expelled members of the DLF that were not executed.

New GovernmentEdit

A month after the Sangheili coup, 11 representatives were elected to rule the colonial governments. Five pairs of the 11 representatives represented each of the most populous species of the colony, while the 11th representative exemplified the minority races of the colony.

Rebel OrganizationsEdit

Ever since the Chat Empire re-established authority in New Paramour, there have been many rebel groups and illegal paramilitaries that have formed on the planet. However, due to scarce resources and the planet's volatile environment, many of these organizations are small in numbers.

List of Rebel Organizations Against Chat RuleEdit

  • The Drevaho Liberation Front
  • Neo-Democratic Army of Drevaho
  • Eotonav
  • Disciples of Marx
  • Otoklivika
  • The Sanuga Outcasts

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