An Edit is unit of currency used throughout the Team Heretic Dinofox Universe.


Established long before the Chat Civil War, the currency is used galactically by all major powers and systems. This allows people from all over the galaxy to buy and sell goods and services with edits. Acting like any other form of currency, an edit can be used to make purchases, both legally and illegally. The Chat Empire also use edits to put bounties on people's heads, notably Tyler Alshwind, Fox McCloud, Lord of the STARS, General SheerAvenger777, Unnamed Field Marshalland Commander Heathcliff. Each one of these ransoms have reached over 1,000,000 edits per kill or capture, and then managed to grow even higher. In turn though, the price on the heads of Admins as also increased as the wars have dragged out. Mercenaries love going after bounties with high price tags.

Weapons and other pieces of military hardware cost edits too, meaning some parties will resort to scavenging parts and materials instead of buying them. This also means that only those groups with large amounts of currency can afford top of the line weapons and gear, or even pay good soldiers. 

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