Edward was not much of a fighter, but instead had a reputation for being a brilliant tactician. 


Edward was born on the planet of Gauss Wisely to a middle class family. This life was what you would call average, he went to school, played sports, and helped his mother run their family bakery. One thing Edward loved to do was read. He would devour books, going through them as quickly as possible. Edward was known to spend his weekly allowance on books from the local store, and spend the rest of the week reading every book until he understood it. This made him very intelligent and he learned to appreciate things a lot more, but this also left him with few friends. After graduating high school, Edward wanted to go to college for philosophy, but his parents did not have enough money to do so. To help pay for college, Ed enlisted in the army as an officer, hoping to avoid armed conflict if possible. However, with the outbreak of the Galactic Chat War, that possibility never happened. Instead, he was sent to basic training to learn how to fight and survive the horrors of war.

Combat RecordEdit

Edward would see combat during the Battle of PEX, where he was assigned to a Chat Trooper division who had orders to assault a hill position in Resistance control. Though the division suffered 70% casualties, they were able to secure the hill in the name of the Chat Empire. The issue was the division was low on ammo and most of their squad leaders had been killed in the assault. Worse, the resistance was getting ready to mount a counter-attack and the division would have to wait 20 minutes before they could get air support. Edward, thinking fast, ordered all remaining soldiers to get into position on the north face of the hill, where the resistance was coming from. Gathering all weapons, ammo, and grenades, he told the troops to hold their fire until the resistance was within 100 meters, to ensure they had a higher chance of hitting their targets. The battle to hold their position was brutal, with Ed getting knocked down by a stray laser round bouncing off his helmet. But they were able to hold their position until gunship support arrived. Edward was hailed a hero by his fellow soldiers, and was immediately promoted. Word soon got up to the Admins about a lone grunt who has ensured the survival of an entire division.

Edward patrol

Edward after the battle, notice the laser burn on his helmet.

After the battle, Edward made friends with another Chat Trooper named Holland. The two became close friends and served together on various fronts early on in the war. Although this friendship was not to last, as their differing views eventually led to a falling out. 

While working behind a desk, the job he had originally wanted, news came out about the Sector W conflict, in which the Admin Vidmas7er had been captured by the enemy. Pulling in from his vast knowledge from the books he read, Edward published a series of papers, outline weaknesses in how the Chat protected their Admins. He also made the eerie prediction that an Admin was most likely to be killed/captured while space fairing, as a rouge storm could prevent them from a safe passage, thus making them an easy target. This prediction would become a reality during the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling, in which the Admin Forerunner was captured. Wilc0, who had read Edward's papers, immediately had Edward transferred to his security division. This move would prove critical for Wilc0, as Edwards understanding of using sewer tunnels as an escape route during the Battle of Eafth saved Wilc0's life. 

Karl, in need of tactical thinkers, recruited Edward as a member of the Republic Sentinels, one who would be doing more work behind the scenes then actually fighting. During the Delegation on Gaeto, Edward started to become good friends with DMRJess McKathy, and Megan, who he worked with very closely. During the delegation, Edward was in-charge of monitoring movement through out the city. However, like the rest of the team, Edward was caught off guard by a bomb, which resulted in the abduction of Jess. He was now apart of a task force heading to Mu Gasto to bring Jess back, alive. However, she was later saved by DMR and with her now back, the attention of the team returned to combating the Chat Empire.

Edward funeral

Edward's tombstone, buried with the other elite soldiers of the New Galactic Republic.

Edward's life would come to an end during the Attack on Dark Oculus, as he was killed by Spartan A-118. During the fight, Spartan punched Edward with enough force that he dented Edward's armor, piercing his heart. He would bleed out slowly over the next hour, as Megan refused to leave his side, even after he had died. 


Edward was a very humble person who cares deeply about those close to him. While at times, his emotions could get the best of him, causing him to lash out, he prefered to stay quiet and let other people do the talking. His relationship with fellow teammate Megan was more of that of an older brother. He felt protective of her, and called her out when she did things that are morally in question. In his down time, Edward could be found either reading or looking over battle plans, trying to find points of weakness. And while he could hold his own in combat, he prefered to deal with enemies indirectly. He did not like getting in any sort of fights, opting to keep a low profile and only engaging the enemy when all other options have been exhausted. That came from his personal experiences on the battlefield, as he saw his fellow friends die when they got into direct firefights with the enemy. Nonetheless, his ability to examine the battlefield and find the best course of action to make the mission a success was unquestionable.

Ed books

A small sample of Edward's book collection.


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