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  The Elite Remnant Legion Truce of 2555 was a non-aggression pact between the Elite Remnant Legion and

Truce of 2555

The Truce was small enough to fit on a data pad.

Team Heretic Dinofox and the Resistance. Even though the Elite Remnant Legion disappeared after the Saurian Ceti IV crisis the document would prove invaluable during the Mandalorian Menace and it would provide an example for future peace keeping and alliance building endeavors.

Details Edit

The treaty wasn't simple but it could be consolidated down to 4 simple points.

1. All fighting between the Elite Remnant Legion and Team Heretic Dinofox would cease.

2. Both sides would work together to destroy the Chat Empire and its allies.

3. Integration of Elite Remnant Legion troops and Team Heretic Dinofox troops on the battlefield would be allowed.

4. Neither side would spread propaganda that would encourage neutral factions to attack the other signer of the treaty or support rebellions within the Elite Remnant Legion and Team Heretics Dinofox.

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