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The Elucidator is a high-grade, one-handed sword, and is used by Kazuto Kirigaya. It is extremely durable and very deadly in the hands of an expert. This is Kazuto's primary weapon, with the Dark Repulser being his secondary weapon. 


The sword is made of polydium, an extremely rare metal known for its immense density and weight. As a result of the blade being made of polydium, the sword is quite heavy, resulting in many ordinary people needing to use both hands when wielding the Elucidator. Exceptions include Ultra Force, who possesses enough strength and skill to wield it with grace and poise.

Due to how densely packed the atoms are in polydium, the blade is able to cut through many substances. The sword can slice through most armors with ease and while energy shields can slow it down, a single, full slash from the Elucidator often breaks through. Furthermore, the Elucidator easily cuts through skin, bone, and organs like butter, resulting in very fatal injuries.

Even in the modern age of firearms, people such as Ultra Force favor swords such as these and often uses them in battle.


  • The sword weighs 13 kilograms.
  • The length of the Elucidator has never been confirmed, resulting in various approximations including:
    • 115 centimeters
    • 120 centimeters 
  • While an Energy Sword is unable to melt or damage the Elucidator, it can slow the weapon down and block it.

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