The Emoticon class Frigate is used by the Chat Armed Forces to help escort their larger warships.

Firgate chat

Emoticon class Frigate


With an overall length of 2.5 kilometers, this Frigate is small but deadly. Armed with 120 anti-air turrets, 14 M60 Falcon Missile Pods, and a dual heavy particle laser beam, this frigate is one of the best escorts used by the Chat. Though it lacks tough shielding, these can be used to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers.  

While they are frequently produced, this frigate is notoriously known for its inability to pick off bombers strafing its hull. The weakness is amplified by the lack of shielding around the fuel containers; however many more anti-air defense turrets are placed around the ships rear where the fuel cells are.


Used everywhere from escorting supply ships, fleets, and captial ships, these frigates have seen a lot of combat. Major uses include Saurian Ceti IV crisis, the New Naboo Revolt, the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling, and the Sector W Conflict

Frigate bridge

A close up of the frigates bridge.

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