Epsilon indus

Epsilon Indus

Epsilon Indus was a peaceful planet on the border of the Chat Nation controlled space. It was not for or against the Opedia United, but when The Chat Civil War broke out, some of their members went here, causing the wrath of the Chat Nation to go there with them.


This planet had always been a peaceful with no ill intentions toward any government or system. It had supplied food to over seven star systems, despite being only one third the size of Eafth. In less than 20 years, it had become prosperous and before the Chat came, it had almost 300,000 people living there. During the war, the Chat killed many of its inhabitants, many of whom had little to no affliation with the United Opedia. When the Chat came to find the Opedia members, they took everyone to the capital Utgard and instituted martial law.


When none of the residents gave up any Opedia members for over a month, the Chat began to take drastic measures. Some of the citizens, angry with the continued Chat presence, wanted the Chat off the planet once and for all. Reports started coming in that Chat soldiers were taking loses, and Knightmare decided to landed in the capital to conduct field reports. While in the city, he ran into a girl named Sasha. The two started talking and seemed to be getting along with one another. The armed civilians, seeing this as a chance to cut the head off the snake, put a bomb in a nearby car and detonated it. The resulting explosion only injuried Knightmare, but killed three soldiers and Sasha. A shuttle came to pick up Knightmare, and he ordered them to bring Sasha on board. Knightmare, bleeding heavily, vowed to have his revenge and sent down cruisers and troops to punish the people of Utgard. Over half of the people in the city died and many lost their homes. After this, many people left, which only left about 75,000 people left on the planet the Chat and again asked for Opedia members, and only one was taken into custody. The Chat, sensing they will still protecting members of the United Opedia, killed one in three people, effectively causing ruination upon the planet. 


  • It had a diameter of 400 kilometers and about 1 tenth the surface area of Eafth.
  • Due to the heavy bombardment, much of its beauty was destroyed and most of its natural ecosystem was destroyed.
  • This was the home planet of Hatsune Miku and Commander Heathcliff.
  • This action of the Chat Nation, had it been widely known, would have built up support for the United Opedia, but very few people other than those who lived on the planet knew that the bombings had even happened. 

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