The Evection Implementation Tactical Stink Bomb is a weapon designed to force the evacuation of civilians of entire cities before commencing an attack on them. This bomb is launched from orbit to the area above the center of a city where it then detonates in the air causing its secret recipe gasses to plume down upon the inhabitance with a 30 mile radius, forcing the city into a evacuation in order to escape the foul stench.

Effects: The stink bombs gas will not kill a victim no matter how much of it they breath in, how ever its effects include the following vomiting from gagging reflex due to horrid smell, traumatizing stench can cause thoughts of suicide to escape the smell, and permanent damage of sense of smell.
Post bombing action: After the stink bomb has been detonated the city has had fair warning, assuming no one was dumb enough to have civilians stay in the city in the after math full military attack is commenced on the city either in the form of artillery, holding the city as a military position, bombing it, burning it to the ground, and even nuking the city once everyone should no longer be in it. This is 100% acceptable as any civilians who have remained in the city to be killed are considered a suicide.
Effects on the environment: In the after math of this weapon the ingredients of the bomb go into the soil and decompose, this actually causes the soil to be heavily fertilized, causing a raped growth and augmentation of growth in plants and other soil feeding life forms.

Appearances: Coming soon.

Manufacturer: Multiple parties.

Users: Multiple Organizations and The Resistance

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