A nimble starighter, the F-3 A-wing is a rapid deployment fighter used heavily by the New Galactic Republic.

F-3 a-wing

A F-3 in space combat.


With a top speed of Mach 2.0, it has incredible speed at the cost of little shielding. It packs two Mark-6 auto Laser canons and a single concussion missile luncher. The F-3 is used to draw out enemy fighters during space combat, but also can act as an escort for slower spacecraft. They are very easy to control, and also sport a small turning radius. However, its lack of shielding means it takes only a few well placed shots to send this spiraling down. In comparison to DIE Fighters, it trades speed for protection. However, it can easily out flank a DIE fighter. 

F-3 omega

F-3's during the Battle of Eafth.

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