F-65 clymore

F-65 X-wing Clymore

Seeing major usage during The Chat Civil War, this fighter has been given a new life by groups fighting the Chat Empire, namely, the Resistance.


With a top speed of mach 1.7, it is slightly slower than the Chat's DIE Fighters. However, it makes up for it with much deadlier armaments, including four super plasma turrets and sidewinder plasma rockets. The F-65 has formed the backbone of The Resistance starfighter fleet, being used time and time again to fight against the Chat Empire. While it might not be as good as the DIE fighter in overall stats, the F-65 X-wing Clymore is deadly in the right hands and has proven its self to be both tough and powerful. 

When the Chat Schism broke out, these along with the F-3 A-wing, formed the main fighter force of the New Galactic Republic, whose most powerful branch was the navy.


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