The FML6C Light Machine Gun was designed by Odrade industries as a heavy machine gun for military use but so far the weapon has been sold on black market to mercenary and pirate groups.

Production information


Odrade industries


Light Machine Gun


20,000 credits

Technical specifications


1,225 mm (48.2 in)

Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

100 rounds per belt of ammo

Maximum Ammunition

2000 rounds with backpack magazine

Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire

1000–1300 rpm


20 percent



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Description Edit

This LMG uses a special round which combines the advantages of energy and ballistic ammunition by firing a standard 7.62mm round which lets of a electrical pulse on impact adding energy damage to the target. A factory new FML6C comes automatically equipped with a bipod and adjustable stock but these can be removed or altered to the users needs. This weapon can also use 3 types of magazines which can carry different amounts of ammunition: 100 round ammo belt (which can be seen displayed in the image to the side); 300 round box magazine; 2000 round backpack magazine.

The FML6C is one of the most reliable heavy weapons you can find on the market with its high fire rate and low jamming chance letting you fire off entire magazines without having a single jam which most LMGs are prone to. Unfortunately one draw back with this weapon is that it cant be used for CQB because of its massive size and is best suited to median to long range engagements.


  • The FML6C is one of Talot's preferred weapons. 

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