Finn is a former ruler of a Trolliversian Nation that got there prior to the Slipspace Rift Incident, who led a team of Trolliversian survivors in evading an apocalyptic event called the Split. After settling in this universe, he decided to become a spacer instead of taking power again as he needs to go on adventures out of boredom.

He always appear to carry a green indestructible backpack with infinite amount of storage inside despite it's size, that he can literally fit inside the backpack, which this backpack is potentially supernatural. It is rumored that he dwells in it whenever he is alone with no place to sleep in.

History Edit

His past is known to be a mystery, but it is known that he ruled a Trolliversian nation before. And there are some rumors that he is a clone with fabricated memories of his past with "Martin" having a connection to it, potentially his creator.which explains some Finn clones wandering around the universe. Sometimes it is rumored that he went there to search for a man named "Martin".

He went towards this universe where he is seperated with most Trolliversian Expedition teams, and eventually ended up stumbling into the Chat Empire territory while frequently mocking them because of the Stormtroopers' poor accurancy.

While the Chat soldiers are arguing with eachother, Finn got an opportunity to sneak away where he eventually stumbled into Talot and other Dinofox members. After many movements they went, they eventually fought the Chat and began heading towards the large star system in the Wilderness region where the Remaining Trolliversian nations will divide the territory.

After the meeting, he announced to the leaders that he will not take power in Finnittania as he decides that he'll go on adventures out of sheer boredom. He then left with few of his companions such as his dog who happened to be a drunkard, and his love interest who happened to be a sniper-wielding redhaired chick, and a Centipede Robot he built with some weapons installed in it.

Personality Edit

Finn is usually very polite with a sense of humor around his peers. Although he can insult others such as those working with the Chat Empire with some sarcastic remarks. He is known for having a large sense of leadership which enabled him to rule a nation in the first place. He may or may not hesitate to fight depending on his mood, and he may either spare others or kill them during the fight.

Skills Edit

H4 ODST Armor

Finn can be seen wearing the modified armor with a dark-blue (Primary) and white (Secendary) color scheme. He used it occasionally whenever he pleases.

Being a Trolliversian, it's possible that some Trolliversians can get powers either from stealing relics from the demons or learn from a spell book that is very expensive to buy, or rare to find. Some can have cybernetics implanted inside their skins.

Passive Skills Edit

  • Heat Resistance: He is known to be adapted to heat due to the fact he stole a relic from the fire demon, technically using it to absorb it into his body. He later lost much of the powers he acquired from the relic when he got to this universe, but the heat resistance remains.
  • Force Sensitivity: Speaking of some clones who armed theirselves with a lightsaber and used the force, it is possible that he is Force Sensitive, but rather he is unaware of it.
  • Nanomachines: Speaking of his past in the Trolliverse, he recieved the Nanomachines from an old friend of his that is Magna. A bunch of nanomachines appeared to circulate in his veins, providing him with constant healings when ever he got heavilly injured, however it take some time to heal his wounds depending on the size.
  • Engineering Skills: It is known he recieved those skills from the adventures he had with his centipede robot friend named Magna whose fate is unknown, where he later built a Centipede Robot to add to his party.

Activity Skills Edit

  • Pyromancy: It's just that simple, but rather it became basic after losing many of his abilities.

List of Companions (excluding the dog because well, you already know he travels with him) Edit

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