The Front Line Fighter is a war robot designed to do the fighting at the start of the battle before infantry move in.
Big mech

The Front Line Fighter, with no weapons.

Overview Edit

Its primary function is, as with all war robots, is to decrease the casualty rates of "sentient soldiers". They are meant to clear the way for normal infantry, forming the spearhead on an assault.

Weapons Edit

For offensive capabilities it can have one of three weapons. A large .50 cal machine gun, a multi-barreled pistol, or an upgraded version of the Plasma Anti-Conductive Material Blaster are all mountable.

On its right arm is a multi purpose tool. The tools include a Energy Sword using ionized and electronic energy, a beam of two projectors lasers with a maximum range of 75 feet, and a third setting is a plug that can be used to recharge other weapons. The charging process can increase the weapons damage but at the cost of burning through the battery quicker.

Armor Edit

The strongest points of armor is on the feet, the shins, the helmet, the right shoulder, the shield, a plate on the left wrist, a multipurpose right arm setting, and the chest plate. But it lacks armor on its rear, meaning if it gets flanked, it is in serious trouble. For defense, it carries a shield that weights nearly half a ton, which is covered in a titanium steel alloy. The Front Line Fighter is known to lift heavy objects, be able to "sprint" up to twelve mph, and jump over eight feet high.

Computer Edit

The programing of the robot includes a drive when its shield is destroyed or damaged to the point of worthlessness to either find a replacement shield, or a turret such as a mounted machine gun, which it can dual wield. The robot uses a friend or foe AI, meaning it can either operate on its own or get orders from a command center. Its intelligence is limited only to thinking logically, solving problems effectively, and firing only at foes and not friendlies. It shows no emotions and will only carry out tasks it was ordered to.

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