Gen 3 armor

One of the many Gen 3 variants.

The Chat Empire's personal combat armor for their best soldiers and high ranking officials. 


Multiple inner layers are made of high grade of Titanium, kevlar, Bi-Carbonate, and Chromium. These help protect the user if the outer layer of shielding get damaged. The outer most layer is made of a hybrid of Tungsten and Osmium which heavily protects the user while giving them the ability to move freely. The armor is then encased in a recharging energy shield. 

Combat Edit

The GEN 3 is the newest of the Chat Empire Combat suits. These are able to protect their uses and also enhance their combat abilities. Their helmet HUDs come equipped with an aiming reticule, 30 meter radius radar, and even a gage to let the user know when their shields are down. Since these suits are expensive, and made of good materials, they are only given to elite soldiers. The armor itself does a really good job of deflecting both bullets and plasma, and the shield will do its best to absorb incoming enemy fire. Once the shield gets depleted, it takes about four seconds to come back online. It is also self-sealing, and comes with a multi use bio-foam can. Users of the suit like to customize them to their personal preferences. Admins, Moderators, and the best soldiers they can field use these suits when they go into hostile combat zones. 

Gallery Edit

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