Gamma base open

One of the entrances to Gamma Base.

After the events of Havin IV, Gamma Base, located on the ice world of Yoth, became the new headquarters for The Resistance.


Home to over a million resistance members, this super base is the central hub for any activity against the Chat Empire. A shield generator helps protect the base in case of an attack but that is not the only line of defense. Hundreds of gun turrets, ranging from anti-personal, anti-armor, anti-air, all the way up to a modified orbital platforms that are located near the heart of the base. Gamma Base also has five hangers to launch fighters, bombers, and gunships to help fend off any attack. On the ground, trenches surround the base while modified tanks, APCs, and recon vehicles help give resistance infantry assistance in combat. In space, a fleet of starships protect the base as the first line of defense.

As for the base itself, it is located underground and in the heart of a mountain range. Thousands of generators power the base with running water, heat, and electricity. The complex has sleeping quarters, hangers, repair rooms, a firing range, a space port, hospitals, a command room, and even a prison, spread out over many acres of land both above and below ground. Underground tunnels help supplies and personal move quickly through out the base without having to go outside. It is literally an ice fortress, one that the Chat Empire would do anything to destroy. 

This base would be destroyed by the Chat during the events of the Fall of Yoth.


  • Forerunner and Vidmas7er were being held prisoner there by Team Heretic Dinofox.
  • Robotic Owl, thought to be a paperweight, that was unknowingly a recording device, was brought in the base and transmitted intel to the Chat Empire. It was destroyed but the damage has already been done; the Chat found out about the base.


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