Gauss Wisely is a desolate and quiet planet with a highly active capital, known as Something Random city.  

Gauss Wisely.


Earliest known history is when Fox McCloud and the Great Fox II entered this Galaxy due to a Slipspace Rift. The Great Fox II's shields were not activated, nor rated for slipspace travel, as it had not been discovered yet. The armor plating on the weak carrier vessel was ripped off and the ship sustained major hull breaches. Fox managed to exit the Great Fox II and enter an Arwing II right before the ship was pulled into the rift, as did his friends. Only Fox and the carrier entered the rift, and when they came through the other side, they were right next to Gauss Wisely. The carrier's power was completely lost, and it hopelessly fell into the planet's atmosphere as Fox watched. Most of the ship however managed to stay in one piece rather then disintegrating, and thus formed a small impact crater when it crashed. A few still operational vehicles, weapons and even ROB 64, were pulled from the wreck, and whatever was left that was too bad for repairs was sold in the nearby capital. Fox went into the Gauss Wisely cantina where he found a Resistance official sitting, and he was told of the current events by him.

Still pondering the all out war that was soon to follow between The Resistance and Chat, The Chat Civil War and other things, Fox was more interested in the 'slipspace artifacts' the Chat had. He went to the Chat garrison in the center of the city, and offered great amounts of wealth for the crystals; the Chat not only declined, but were enraged about his offer. Fox eventually joined the Chat after his time on Gauss Wisely, shortly afterwards becoming an officer.  


Gauss Wisely is the birth place of Republic Sentinel member Edward.


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