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Me make it go BOOM!
— Glofnog, during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 36b

Glofnog was part of the Unggoy Spec-Ops in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. He served under Ultra Yozoz in the file Cloaked Missionary. He was killed in January 2558 in a ship crash.

History Edit

Glofnog was born on High Charity, and was sometimes mean to other Unggoy. When he was drafted into the military, he found he loved to blow stuff up. He was so good at it, in fact, that he was made a Spec-Ops Heavy Gunner/Demolitions Expert. He was assigned to a lance led by Yozoz, with Yabab second in command. He was taken to the THDF Galaxy with the rest of the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution after the Human-Covenant War ended.

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Yozoz and Glofnog

Glofnog was one of the few survivors of Charmer's Battalion during the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b. He went to New Eden once the bloody invasion was finally over. However, the vacation did not last long. It was interrupted when the Black Fang, hired by a mysterious Cloaked Figure, started bombing the asteroid. With Coalition forces scattered across the asteroid enjoying their vacation, for hours the bombings continued with no one to stop them. However, Glofnog, and his lancemate Yabab were at Charmer's house with Yozoz the incident started. Yozoz sent Yabab and Glofnog to find their Field Marshall and warn him and the Tacit Ronin about the attack. The two Unggoy managed to find him, and the Field Marshall fought his way to a relay station, where they were able to contact the fleet and manage the crises. Glofnog and Yabab were then attacked at the relay station by a Naga named Minnae. Glofnog was badly beat up by the assassin before Drullkus Industries and Trol Lolam arrived and drove her off.

Yozoz picked Glofnog and Yabab to go with him and Madam Celestial Saber's Fleet to Yoth, where there were supposed to be Slipspace Crystals that would take the three Unggoy home. However, upon arrival, they found they had been stolen by Drullkus Industries.

Glofnog and the Royal Fleet landed on Yoth at Fort Yoth-Alpha, which was subsequently attacked by Raptor Pirates. Glofnog defended the Northeast wall with Commodore Smite and his Buccaneers, and was the only defender of the wall to survive the battle.

While attempting to flee from Yoth after being evacuated by Sirens, their ship was boarded by Chat Trooper Wedge on a Chat Shuttle. He captured Lord of the Stars and took him to the Chat Ship Ravager, which then left to Eafth with its high value prisoner, but not before badly damaging the ship Glofnog was on. The ship made it away from Yoth, but eventually failed and crashed onto an ocean on a planet, and Glofnog was killed on impact.

Personality Edit

In his childhood, Glofnog was somewhat of a bully, but he grew out of it after joining the Covenant Military. He loves explosions. Glofnog is intelligent for Unggoy standards, but still the least intelligent in his file. His preferred weapon was the Fuel Rod Gun.

List of AppearancesEdit

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