Lord of the stars in his armor.

Lord of the Stars wearing the armor

One with a helmet..

A crew member with slightly less armor.

The Guardian Powered Assault Armor is the armor of choice for the Lord of the STARS' Guardians of Eden.

Overview Edit

The chest plate consists of three ballistic titanium layers and shock cushion. A rare mineral was mixed into the titanium that increases resistance to plasma. The cushion reduces the risks of radiation poisoning.

The latest upgrade to the liquid armor gel gives it the scent of mint oil, and disinfectant properties that cause any wound to stop bleeding in seven minutes. The gel is both a deodorant and a medical device. The outside of the armor is a personal shield, protecting the user from anything up to a .50 cal round. This can also be used as a cloaking device that last twenty-eight minutes.

The shine guards act pretty much the same as the armor on the right forearm, serving best as protection to a shield bearer.

Left arm

The seven times scope of the helmet provides a HUD which includes a radar and target indicator. Red designates enemies, green designates allies, and brown designates neutrals. The scope can switch to infrared vision, electron vision, or Promethean vision. The HUD also keeps track of the user's health, shields, and point defense gauntlet.

The rest of the armor is otherwise standard Kig-yar armor underneath made from plates of covenant metal.

Gallery Edit

Experamental armor

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