"One day, the great Kig-yar Empire will rule the stars! Who could possibly stop us?"

- Madam Celestial Saber


Guardians of Eden Symbol

The Guardians of Eden are a Kig-Yar pirate clan, lead by Lord of the STARS and his mate, Madam Celestial Saber. They took this name after the Tactical Asteroid of mysterious origin that they claimed after their arrival.

History Edit

Madam Celestial Saber was transported accidentally sometime during the history of the covenant when slip-space drives malfunctioned. She was born here as the daughter of Sharpest Teeth and The Blessed One, both would eventually be murdered by the Chat Empire.

Lord of the Stars was taken into this galaxy during a Slipspace Rift Incident. For nearly a year he did not even know he was in this galaxy. He had four hundred formally Jiralhanae owned Kig-yar, eight hundred newly hired, and a company of one hundred and forty-four ODSTs that were serving as guards to the ambassadors of peace with former Covenant were unwittedly taken in. They initially had no clue why the map changed and where they where going. Almost all of these pioneers died before the event of new port cache.

Settlement on New Port Cache Edit

It was in fact a asteroid that was sucked into the galaxy 4 years after Lord of the Stars was drafted to fight the humans. For years it sat in a new star system. He knew it existed because it was ironically in a location of the new galaxy, identical to where planet of Blood was a planet he knew once to where the asteroid had been. Here he resupplied his losses.

Fall of Yoth Edit

By the Fall of Yoth, Lord of the Stars had acquired enough wealth to hire many new soldiers; most of which died during battle. At this point the ODST ambassador squad was extinct.

Crises on New Eden Edit

The Capital of the Empire, it was attacked by terrorists. Guardian Peace Keepers were the main defense throughout the battle.

Culture Edit

These Kig-yar pirates are allied with the Resistance and their job is to weaken the Chat Navy while strengthening the navy of the resistance movement by pillaging resources, plundering treasure and money, and hijacking ships that the combined fleets need more than the chat. They are also people of science, ingenuity, exploration, invention, agricultural, and especially merchantry.

As well as stealing from the chat they like to take from anyone who apposes them, whether they are allies or not, but only sell to those who are for the chat if they are selling some one important to the chat back to them. When chat solders are captured alive no hatred or grudge is shown to them, but prisoners are still in danger of being eaten or thrown out the air lock, and their only hope is to behave kindly and pray some one in the alliance will take them off the pirate's hands.

The Kig-yar pirates are cunning, tactical, experienced, and very brave warriors who have triumphed over all who underestimated them. They attack using stealth tactics and prefer boarding over shoot-to-sink tactics. They will use any weapon they can get their hands on and are not afraid of anyone. They consider piracy to be simply hunting deadly game, and treasure to be the meat they bring back to the nest. The chat empire fear them greatly despite them being of smaller number and often having the smaller ships. The chat know to send one hundred and eighty ships againced just one of theirs though would normally be like sending one hundred and eighty ships whales againced one shark, their is a chance that four of their ships will end up in the hands of the pirates and the rest of the fleet will fail to figure out where they went. Thankfully these pirates are more honorable than most Kig-yar.

Also, these Kig-Yar can earn nick-names that replace their birthnames. For example, Charmer's nickname was earned because he was charming, and Lord of the Stars' was earned because of his status of being the Clan Leader.

Military Capacity Edit

Ranks Edit

  • Buccaneer/Conquistador
  • First Buccaneer/Conquistador
  • Captain
  • Commodore
  • Royal Commodore
  • Bishop
  • Baron

Infantry Units Edit

Buccaneer - Buccaneers are the most commonly deployed Guardian troops and they are mainly used offensively. They raid enemy ships to plunder goods, defend their own ships from boarders, engage in planetside combat. They usually use Needle Rifles, Needlers, and Crystal Cutlasses. They are good at most everything, but specialize in close quarters. This can be observed when they board hostile ships. A company of Buccaneers is lead by a Captain and/or a Commodore

Conquistador - Conquistadors are used almost exclusively for one reason: Using the best tech available, explore unexplored places, kill anything that opposes them, find anything valuable, then make a settlement or fort for more Kig-Yar to live in while the surroundings are explored and populated. They are crucial to forming colonies. Conquistadors are also used on "treasure hunts," looking for riches, through uncharted territory. Wherever there is a dangerous pirate expedition or adventure, you will find conquistadors. They are lead by a Commodore.

Archer - Archers are trained to be excellent shots, and are deployed on open battlefields. They often bring up the rear, giving sniper cover to buccaneers as they advance. They wear Archer Combat Armor. During the invasion of Beta Maximus 35b some Archers used bow and arrows but they quickly confiscated better weapons.

Peace Keepers - Peace Keepers serve as the Kig-Yar law enforcement and home defense. They usually handle crimes, but during the Crises on New Eden, they got their first taste of real military action; they took heavy losses. They are sometimes referred to as "Bluecoats". Each section of a city's peace keepers are lead by a bishop during times of crises.

Royal Commando - The standard troops that are used whenever Stars or Saber go on the offensive. They recieve training to fill any role from sniping, to guarding, to close quarters combat. They are the best of the best, and the most loyal, whose service goes beyond being a greedy pirate. Commandos will step in front of a bullet to protect those they are sworn to serve. They are sorted into companies lead by a Royal Commodore.

Palace Guard - Palace Guards are sworn to protect Madam Celestial Saber and Lord of the Stars, no matter the cost. They recieve the same training as Royal Commandos, but are used defensively as opposed to offensively, and like the Commandos, will gladly die to save their lords.


Kig-Yar scientists, engineers, and designers might not be on the same level as Chat Empire or New Galactic Republic but they have many innovations to call there own

== Other tribes: It has been forgotten that New Eden is not the only place Kig-yar in the empire have settled dew to a bit of poor record keeping, 1 of the other tribes reside on Mu Gasto, and are still on last given orders to occupy the territory under the command of a fleet caption. Another tribe resides on Beta Maximus 35b in a fort in the swamps under the command of a fort caption. Both tribes are currently unnamed and a apology pay has been delivered to them of 8740.43.12 edits in apology for forgetting to keep them listed in interstellar contact. At this count their are three colonies in all, New Eden, which is named gardens of Eden, and their is Mu Gasto and Beta Maximus.


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