T3CH bodyguards

Two HK-droids during fighting on Eafth.

HK (Assassin) droids are elite combat robots that specialize in assassination and black ops.


Created with the combined effort of T3CHNOCIDE and Knightmare, these droids are built to succeed. Made of triple A-Titanium and a thin coating of Polydenum, HK-driods can take a lot of damage before being destroyed. One weakness is that one of their cerebral cords is exposed in their neck area. Damaging this will not destroy the droid but it will have a severe malfunction, but hitting this spot is far from easy. They can also be re-programmed, a bit severely less combat efficient, to actually turn on the Chat. However, this not only requires a lot of time to successfully accomplish; it also requires a good background in software hacking. Fox McCloud was able to re-program a few droids during the Battle of Eafth. In combat, they usually work in small teams and can even operate vehicles. Hk-droids are self-sufficient, being able to access the current battle and change their strategy accordingly. They are known for
T3CH robot jumping

They are able to cover long distances in short time frames.

being able to move very quickly in urban environments, using booster frames and their jumping capabilities to their advantage. HK-droids are excellent shots, who are programmed to shoot to kill. The Chat Empire uses HK-droids when ever they can, as they excel in any combat situation, out preforming all but the best troops. Only elite soldiers stand of chance of destroying these droids in combat.

Notable BattlesEdit

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