Chat hado

Hado is known for always having an emotionless face.

Hado Shinjitsu is an Imperial Chat Scientist known for his perfection of the art of torture. He holds the rank of moderator


Hado works in the human research department for the Chat Empire under the supervision of Knightmare. He helped create the implants that have made the Chat Snipers so deadly. However, his real skill comes in understanding how to break people. Hado is an expert at torturing people for either pleasure or gaining information from individuals. Hado understands that not every can be broken by physically beating them, sometimes you have to attack them emotionally or mentally. The Chat will call up Hado when ever they need to extract information from someone. He also prefers to be simply called "The Doc". When Hado is torturing people, he shows no emotions, and always keeps a straight face. He is known for acting professional and not having a sense of humor. 

He tortured Jess McKathy at an unknown location, with the goal of breaking her to the point she will reveal all her secrets. Hado has already physically and mentally tortured her, like dropping weights on her rib cage, water boarding, and killing her own soldiers, all in an effect to get her to talk. However, she was rescued by DMR during a during solo operation.

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