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Haloprov in his combat armor.

Not much is known about Haloprov except one thing, he has a lust for blood that cannot be quenched.
— Resistance description of Haloprov

“Being swift and brutal gets a job done quickly. We must crush the seeds of doubt before they sprout.” 

- Haloprov's motto

Known HistoryEdit

Born with a birth defect that left him bald, his skin pale, and his eyes red, Haloprov's childhood started out rough. Things only got worse when his father returned from fighting during The Chat Civil War. Unable to cope with normal life, Halo's father took his anger and frustration out on his wife and only child. For five long years, Halo had to endure daily beatings and verbal abuse from his father. One night when Halo was 14, his father, in a drunken state, took a beating on his wife too far and killed her. Seeing his mother lying dead on the floor, Halo charged his father and the two fought each other. When police arrived on the scene, they saw Halo putting his father in a choke hold. Restraining both of them, Halo was put in protective custody and his father was thrown in jail. His new family was big supporters of the up coming Chat Empire and Halo would soon come to love them as well. Once he turned 18, he joined the Chat Armed Forces, hoping to discover himself. Rising through the ranks quickly, Halo proved he was a remarkable soldier. His years of abuse from his father made Halo cold in battle, and he did what ever it took to get the job done. 

Battle StatusEdit


Haloprov does not care about his image, only the jobs that he must complete.

After his years of battle experience, Haloprov was made an Admin after the events of First Raid on Koraulak, where he helped ruthlessly destroy the enemy. His first order as an Admin was that his father be killed for murdering his mother, an order that was swiftly executed. For most of the Galactic Chat War, Halo had been fighting on the outer limits of the galaxy, destroying enemy pockets planet by planet. Haloprov only cares about one person, himself. His troops, and even his fellow Admins mean nothing to Halo in the long run, who has learned to get any task done by himself. This is because he wants to succeed at all costs for the greater good, and that if he trusts other people, he can also blame them. In combat, he carries a Laser Cutlass and wears a personal Mark II Personal Combat Suit that improves his combat performance. During the Battle of Eafth, Halo got in multiple fights with Team Heretic Dinofox, though he was not able to stop them from freeing Karl.

Haloprov leads troops

Haloprov leading Chat forces into battle.

After the battle, Haloprov was onboard the Imminent Victory with Captain FearGrand Troll Yarkin, and prisoner Fox McCloud. After Fox escaped, Prov led a small task force to hunt down Fox, though they failed. After ordering Fear and Yarkin off the ship, Haloprov sent up the ship to shut down when Fox and Xytan 'Montrumai attempted to hijack it. As the ship hurdled down towards Eafth, Halo escaped the ship and headed back towards the Chat Fleet. 

After Eafth was finally clear of most of the resistance, the remaining Admins were ready to take the fight to the New Galactic Republic. Halo, digging through some old files, found an old transmission suggesting the group known as the Delta SEALS were headquartered on the planet of Kastafar. Bringing along the Moderators Spartan A-118 and SWATminifigGUY, they took 17 ships to the unguarded planet. When the civilians refused to help them, the team was able to reveal the SEALS by opening fire on the civilian population. As the battle continued, Halo ordered the ships to open fire on military targets. Within a few hours, they found the SEAL's main base and a large scale battle took place. Though most of Halo's forces did not survive the assault, the mission was hailed a success since the SEALS were no longer a fighting force. 

Halo fight

Halo during the fight on Beta Maximus 35b.

Halorov would be deployed to the planet of Beta Maximus 35b to rid the planet of forces loyal to the Republic, though this would draw attention to the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. A task force was sent to repeal the Chat, with TalotVisiusLord of the STARSTrol' LolamTylerJess, and Delta SEALS being deployed to engage Halo. Though the fight in a burning forest between Chat and Republic forces would be brutal in the close conditions, with thick smoke limiting visibility, Halo would ultimately be captured and his forces defeated. Captured, he was taken on board a ship and was interrogated in many different ways, though each one was unsuccessful in breaking him.

His status as a prisoner of war would be short lived as the Chat Empire would launch on series of attacks across the galaxy, including the planet of Gaeto. Using the chaos to break out, the arrival of 5th Legion soldiers ensured his escape as they were able to deal with Tyler when he arrived to try and prevent Halo from escaping. Now back with the Empire, he will undoubtedly be hungry to strike back against the Republic, and prove himself to Knightmare

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