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Hatsuse ino

Hatsuse Ino is almost as old as Heathcliff, though he has aged much more.

Hatsuse Ino is an old man who has long been a friend to Commander Heathcliff.


Not much is known about where Hatsuse Ino is from. He is however not human, having animal ears on top of his head and preferably speaking in a language is is only used by a few. He became friends with Commander Heathcliff presumably when Commander Heathcliff visited Gaeto on his first tour of duty as a member of the Chat Nation. He once again met Commander Heathcliff after several years when he visited him under armed guard hours prior to the Delegation on Gaeto. He is known to help Sora and Shiro, who prefer Sora and Shiro amongst others, although he does find Sora especially annoying and frustrating.


His weaponry is not well known for the most part, but several things are known. First of all, he does not have any ship capable of flying in space, nor does he have any guns related to laser or Plasma technology.

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