"Hissy" is a Rachni soldier who used to be one of the queens best soldiers, but was given to the resistance as a gift.

History Edit

Born as a soldier for the rachni queen he quickly became one of her top soldiers, showing that he was more then capable on several mission defending the queen from enemy forces.

Later the queens ship was attacked by merc's killing many of the Rachni larvae, which led to the Queen personally sending him and a group of other rachni soldiers out to kill them, this mission would be a success but before the merc's were defeated they managed to disable the Queens ships engines as well as send out a distress signal which was picked up by an ex-mercenary known as Talot.

Later the resistance would send out a squad to track down the distress signal, the queen tried to communicate through coms telling them that they didn't want trouble and wanted to be left alone, but the resistance couldn't understand the message as it just came out as screeches and hisses.

The squad would soon arrive later and access the ship through its shuttle bay, the Rachni soldier would then get his men together and try and meet with the invaders before they attacked there eggs and the queen, but it was too late the squad would burn a group of the eggs forcing him and his squad to attack the invaders, which ended up with him loosing a few of his men as they were pushed back.

Finally the invaders would push them back to the queen which as a last resort would use one of the dead bodys from the merc's who had fought them before to communicate and plea to not kill her, saying that she was acting in defense, this would work and the squad planed to not kill her and as gift of there mercy she sent one of her top soldiers to join them who would latter be named to "Hissy" by Yozoz because of the sounds he makes.

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