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Hollow Tyrant

Hollow Tyrant is a Spartan-lll Headhunter, a Chat Commander, and a prisoner of the NGR.

History Edit

As a headhunter spartan Blake Stevens, aka Hollow Tyrant, learned to defend humanity. He served next to his loyal companion, spartan Lillian through many black op missions. Blake's hatred for anything and everything non human can be traced back to his years as a headhunter. He collaborated heavily with Nikolai Pereshenko, an ODST who specialized in guerrilla warfare. They often fought side by side and both men say that their friendship was what made living through the war worth it.

Post war era (Halo Universe) Edit

Spartan Blake decided to join the spartan lV program for the benefits and retirement planning when he first got the chance. When Nikolai, now a Spartan lV, heard he immediately had Blake and Lillian transferred to his squad. They were sent to the Ancillian system to fight the remnant and it was just like old times.

Slipspace and Na Zego Incidents Edit

Spartan Blake was transported with the rest of the team to this universe during a Slipspace rift incident on the Back with a Vengeance. The encountered Na Zego. When their ship left the system and the crew realized the horrors of the Chat most crew members immediately supported Richard Lee's illegal declaration of war on the Chat Empire. Blake was not convinced. He thought that humans slaughtering humans was wrong but when it did happen the forces fighting for humanity and stability were justified. Nevertheless, he obeyed orders as a good soldier would.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

Blake in the war years

Spartan Blake's SPI headhunter armor up until it was confiscated by Team Heretic Dinofox

Spartan Blake attacked Beta Maximus 35b believing that it was his duty to follow orders no matter how ludicrous. He thought that helping the covenant invade a human/Mandalorian controlled world was wrong, unnecessary and unjustified. He heard reports of Kig-Yar eating prisoners alive one day and he became fully convinced that he was fighting on the wrong side of the conflict. He contacted the Chat and told them of his situation. They quickly accepted him and he started feeding the chat vital information.

His nostalgia towards his friendships with Nikolai and Lillian kept these feelings in the closet. He felt that if anyone were to pay for his treason that it should be him alone. Even when Spartan Kyle was beheaded by the Maximite, Spartan Blake never said a word about his treason. He did, however, share his growing hatred for the Mandalorians with the rest of Savior team and helped clear the planet of hostiles. Afterward, he decided that Spartan Kyle had died for everything that he didn't believe in and his hatred for the Maximite grew to a breaking point.

Crisis on New Eden Edit

After communing with his Naga contact on New Eden, he discovered that the Chat would give him a chance to avenge Kyle's death. The Chat were willing to let him kill the Maximite in exchange for his complete allegiance. Spartan Blake hesitated but eventually gave into his hatred. He abandoned Nikolai, his best friend, in a time of need, and assassinated many kig-yar. Meanwhile, as his team began to worry about him, Blake would be tasked with killing Charmer.

Unbeknownst to Blake, the Chat also sent the Maximite to kill Charmer. Blake was saved by the Maximite in the royal palace and the Mandalorian revealed that the man who killed Charmer would become a Chat moderator. Full of hate, revenge, and greed, Blake killed the Maximite, abandoning any hope of killing Charmer. He was soon arrested and interrogated by Nikolai. His interrogation would reveal every last known member of the Black Fang in New Eden and bring a decisive end to the conflict.

The Chat fed him a drug that put him to sleep and brought his vital signs to almost zero. His coffin (escape pod) was discarded into space as a traitor by the crew of the Back with a Vengeance as the ship entered the Yoth system.

Reclamation of Yoth Edit

Blake's surgury

The live saving surgery

Blake would be critically wounded when his escape pod crash lands on Yoth. He found it in himself to overcome starvation, raptor pirates, and suicidal thoughts. In what he thought are his last moments he was rescued by a Chat patrol. They preformed a surgery to save his life but he was doomed to live the rest of his life off of a machine. He was nicknamed Hollow Tyrant to help erase his former name and his former life from his memory. He fought the Raptor Pirates and Team Heretic Dinofox throughout the Yoth campaign, including the destruction of Fort-Yoth Alpha and the capture of Lord of the Stars.

When the Chat ordered him to kill General SheerAvenger777 he forged a temporary alliance with THDF to kill the common threat. Together, they hunted down a courier and discovered the General's location.

The alliance was short lived; as soon as Hollow had the information on the location of the General, he ambushed Xytan 'Montrumai and his elites, leaving them for dead. He boarded a Chat shuttle for one of the few remaining Chat bases to use the recent information to decipher the true location of the General.


He would be intercepted the a large contingent of THDF en route during the Whiteout surprise attack. He was arrested and currently resides in NGR prison.

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