Humans are tough and invincable!

Humans are bipedal mammals well known throughout the galaxy. They are the main species of the Chat Empire and the New Galactic Republic.

Biology Edit

Humans are a strong race of sentient mammals originating from the planet of Earth. They have poor vision, a limited sense of smell, and most of them can't even hear the sound of a dog whistle. However,  they are extremely versatile to many different situations that most other races would perish in.  They also have a unique aggression and survival instinct compared to the other members of the galactic population.

Human reproduce the same way most mammal races do and give birth to live young, and due to modern technology a humans life span leads up to approximately 138 years.

Culture Edit

Humanity has many different cultures varying from many different beliefs and ideology's which truly makes humanity unique and diverse race, although this has caused human history to be riddled with wars and infighting which somehow as helped in the progression of the race more then anything and helped humanity to get to the stars as the rockets and bombs which where first used for war where developed prototype after prototype into the first ever space rocket which went to their planets moon, this caused humanity to always look out at the stars and wonder if they could get to the moon what else? And then prototype after prototype they developed the first space faring frigate which allowed humanity to travel to the stars.

This curiosity is one of the most defining aspects of this race, while over races sit looking to the dirt under there feet, humanity look to the stars and question and experiment to push there curiosity and there fear of what will happen if they dont?

Technology Edit

Humanity in the THDF universe have some of the most advanced tech in the galaxy and have there tech incorporated in nearly any faction in the galaxy especially with there race being massive parts in the chat and Odrade faction which make most of the weapons and tech in the galaxy

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