"Not to worry, your with the good guys now."~ Huri'aih-zedu-she-ceedar before freeing Telake from Dre'an captivity.

During the conquest of the galaxy Quan-zer-aii-Don appointed Huri'aih-zedu-she-ceedar caption of the fleet of 45 Ptranosaurian ships sent to conquer Xuari with a promise of personally governing it. He and his wife who is his second in command took a personal roll engaging ground forces in the Dre'an base in a small unit where she and him happened apon Telake's cell while storming the facility. Having failed to see any reason for him to deserve to be locked up he cut the door open with his Gemazur-she-mish. He deciding Telake seems trustable gave him a weapon and granted him to join his unit in storming the base. After which he ordered a medic to look Telake over in case he was ill treated while in prison.

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