The Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution deployed a signal booster drone that has tapped into the news network of the Independent Republic of Gaeto. The drone received partial access as of April 1st, 2558, and near-full access as of April 4th, 2558. Below is a list of all the important or relevant reports on the political situation on Gaeto. The headlines are undoubtedly biased to mostly favor the Chat due to either respect, courtesy, or fear. This network also covered the The Ambush at Gaeto for the civilian population on the planet. 

News Feed (Chronological Order)Edit

[Encrypted attachment from unknown source; attempts to remove it resulted in failure, number of attempts: 3. First occurrence: 2556-April-5]


[Received 2552-April-2, broadcasted from City: Bel]

Contact has been lost with a station set up on one of the moons of Gaeto. The Chat have verified that the station is of their construction and design, but refused to comment on it's purpose, or why it went dark. Journalists are rushing officials to get out more of the story. 

[Received 2556-April-4, broadcasted from City: Minnovue]

Riots have broken out through the city of Minnovue. Members of a freedom fighter group calling themselves "The Liberators" managed to incur a riot and seize control of two security checkpoints near community hubs. Several shots were fired by the rioters and there have been a half dozen reports of minor injuries. About 6 hours later, Chat negotiators managed to calm them down enough to the point of surrendering themselves, although a fanatical participant detonated a small bomb that caused the deaths of all present members of The Liberators at Checkpoint J-530. The Chat MP have promised to investigate possible leads on The Liberators to prevent future acts of violence.

[Received 2556-June-16, broadcasted from City: DIminotulos]

A massacre has occurred at Point Ryul. Unknown commandos engaged several battalions of Chat forces. The Brigadier General in charge of the company claimed that the enemy commandos took near 86% casualties, and what seemed to be a leader figure had been seriously wounded. The strike force pulled back as quickly as it had arrived, and many questions have been raised; including heat towards the Chat for failing to save less than 200 of the 2150 civilians in the location. Chat Officials have stepped forward with a public apology and an official report as to what happened in order to quell any discontent, although the gesture received relative disapproval. More on the story tonight.

[Received 2556-August-29, broadcasted from City: Kolyteus]

Chairman Clark of the Pro Liberation party has been declared dead after receiving a cerebral hemorrhage from an accident during a diplomat party. Multiple witnesses claim that the chairman flew into a drunken rage; standing on a table and singing before falling off and hitting his head on a nearby ornament. Coroner McJotland of the Chat MP has performed an autopsy and confirmed this story. 

[Received 2556-October-11, broadcasted from City: Lau' Pesh]

The Chat MP have discovered and promptly dealt with another branch of The Liberators. The bust involved the arrest of a dozen men who were, what seemed to be, plotting a mid-scale robbery on the nearby armory. They were offered to give away the names of fellow compatriots in order to reach a peaceful resolve, in exchange for immunity, but the offer was refused and each man was sentenced to an off-world prison. If you know anyone that could possibly be in on The Liberators, and you have solid evidence, please contact the Chat MP.

[Received 2556-December-27, broadcasted from City: Turesta]

With the Chat once again facing a civil war, The leader of the newly created New Galactic RepublicKarl-591, will address the city today with news regarding his plan of actions. Rumors have been flying that our planet is now considered an enemy of the Chat Empire. However, public support of Karl has been overwhelming in the wake of materials being released showing the Chat's crimes against their own people. Though he is teaming up with the group that attacked our planet earlier this year, Karl has said this group can be trusted because they share a common goal, to defeat the Chat Empire at all costs.

[Received 2556-December-30, broadcasted from City: Turesta]

Terrorism once again strikes but once again, Karl is able to save the day. After the delegation was bombed by members of the Black Fang, Galactic security teams where able to secure the area and prevent further damage from occurring. As of now, the death toll sits at 83 with over 450 people being reported injured at this time. Many more people have been reported unaccounted for, including a member of Karl's security detail, Jess McKathy. No official statement has been released by Karl but as clean up crews continue to work day and night, we can only wonder if our planet is truly safe.

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