H3 unsc charon class light frigate aegis fate by toraiinxamikaze-d3531ny

The Imminent Victory is a highly modified support Frigate.

The Imminent Victory is a Stealth Frigate used by the Chat Empire, and to a lesser extent, Chat Separatists.  


With an upgraded HACK round, advanced HK droid security personel, and the most feared naval captain in the Chat, the ship was quite unbeatable. It is usually a flagship transport for Administrators; recently being used by Haloprov. The stealth capabilities can cloak it from enemy scanners, resulting in a relatively safe method of transport for the passengers. The frigate is also armed with 12 point defense guns, 4 medium ship defense turrets, and 24 M70 Hawk Missile Pods.


The Imminent Victory was a frigate commissioned by the Chat Nation during the Chat Civil War, where it helped with the bombing of Yavin V.

During the peace-time between the Chat Civil War and the Galactic Chat War, the ship was modified to become one of the most advanced ships of the entire Chat Navy.

During the Battle of Eafth, the ship was carrying Haloprov and Grand Troll Yarkin as passengers, as it caught Fox McCloud leaving the planet via shuttle. Fox escaped twice on the ship, and played cat and mouse with surveillance and security teams. He then planed to steal the ship along with Vegito, but is crash landed on the surface of Eafth.  

It is unknown whether or not the wreckage was recovered following the altercation on Eafth.

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